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ICT Open 2022

VERSEN - Software Engineering

VERSEN is the Dutch National Association for Software Engineering. Its mission is to bring together researchers, educators and practitioners in the field of software engineering in The Netherlands, who share the common goals of advancing the field or software engineering, raising public awareness of the challenges and opportunities of the field, acquiring funding for groundbreaking research, and transferring academic results to broader society. Versen.nl[HYPERLINK].


Proactive Self-Adaptation

Claudia Raibulet (Vrije Universiteit)

RadCal: Design and Theory of Reliable Numerical Programming Languages with First-class Errors

Jurgen Vinju (CWI)

Local Coordination Avoidance for Distributed Transactions

Tim Soethout (ING Bank/CWI) (e.a.)

Architecture Design Decision Maps for Software Sustainability

Patricia Lago (Vrije Universiteit)

SearchSECO: An Infrastructure for FAIR Scientific Software

Elena Baninemeh (Universiteit van Utrecht) (e.a.)

The TUE-Software Engineering Moonshot: Siri for Software Developers

Michel Chaudron (TU Eindhoven)

A Principled Approach to REPL Interpreters

Thomas van Binsbergen (Universiteit van Amsterdam) (e.a.)

Real-time Collaborative Model Driven Software Engineering

Kousar Aslam (Vrije Universiteit) (e.a.)

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