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ICT Open 2022

Graduate Schools (ASCI, IPA & SIKS)

Members of ASCI, IPA or SIKS graduate schools are also working on topics different from the tracks hosted by the 2022 edition of ICT.OPEN. The Graduate Schools track offers their members a way to showcase their research to the Dutch ICT Community.

Visit their posters and demos to get an impression of the big variety of topics that are represented by the Dutch ICT Community!


Evolutionary Scriptless Testing

Lianne Hufkens (Open Universiteit)

Parameter Sensitivity and Uncertainty Visualization in Fiber tracking

Faizan Siddiqui (TU Delft) (e.a.)

Detecting radio frequency interference in radio astronomy without seeing it

Michael Mesarcik (Universiteit van Amsterdam) (e.a.)

A Survey on Modular Interpreters and Language Composition

Damian Frolich (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Norm-conformant data exchange between distributed agents

Christopher Esterhuyse (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

How to leverage adult-learners with online engagement in Higher Education

Nanda van der Stap (Hogeschool Utrecht) (e.a.)

Using Referential Language Games for Task-oriented Ontology Alignment

Nikolaos Kondylidis (Vrije Universiteit)

Designing Support for Relation Comparison in Augmented Reality

Ghazaleh Tanhaei (Universiteit van Utrecht) (e.a.)

MASA: Responsive Multi-DNN Inference on the Edge

Bart Cox (TU Delft) (e.a.)

Domain-Specific Language for Describing Adaptation Rules for Automotive System Messages

Luigi Isaias Altamirano Mollo (TU Eindhoven) (e.a.)

Identifying Required Functionality and Appropriate Support for Topic-based Neuroscience Literature Exploration in Augmented Reality - A Research Proposal

Boyu Xu (Universiteit van Utrecht) (e.a.)

A Meta-Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Causal Discovery

Andreas Sauter (Vrije Universiteit) (e.a.)

Demo stands

Visual Analytics for Pangenomes

Astrid van den Brandt (TU Eindhoven)

Valentine in Action: Matching Tabular Data at Scale

Christos Koutras (TU Delft) (e.a.)

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