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ICT Open 2022

Future Computer and Network Systems

Computer systems and networks (CompSys) are the backbone of the digital infrastructure and, thus, are essential for all critical economic sectors and societal aspects of the Netherlands. Every bit of stored data and every computational task rely on a computer system to run on and, increasingly, on a network to reach it.

In this track, we take a holistic perspective to and welcome contributions on the grand societal andtechnological challenges that emerge in CompSys, in particular:

  1. Manageability: How to tame the ever-growing complexity, and related human error?
  2. Responsibility: How to realize responsible computer infrastructure whose operation we can rely on (from privacy, ethical, security, performance, availability, and durability perspectives)?
  3. Sustainability: How to reduce and make the most from the energy footprint of (increasing levels of computing?
  4. Usability: How to work, within the context of Europe’s digitalization ambitions, with the critical sectors for the Dutch society, such as industry, healthcare, and governance, to make computer systems usable and accessible by all?

Paola Grosso - University of Amsterdam
Alexandru Iosup - VU Amsterdam
Fernando Kuipers - Delft University of Technology
Ana Lucia Varbanescu - University of Twente

Invited speakers

Axel Naumann

Thursday 7 April
11:30 - 12:30 hour

Oral presentation round 1

Next-generation, high-throughput LORENZ cluster for physical oceanography research

Christian Kehl (Universiteit van Utrecht) (e.a.)

Thursday 7 April
12:10 - 12:20 hour

Dataflow Engines for Executing Cloud Applications: a Maslow's Hammer or Natural Outcome?

Asterios Katsifodimos (TU Delft)

Thursday 7 April
12:20 - 12:30 hour

Oral presentation round 2

Going the Extra Mile with Disaster-Aware Network Augmentation

Jorik Oostenbrink (TU Delft) (e.a.)

15:10 - 15:20 hour

Dynamic generation of access control policies from social policies

Thomas van Binsbergen (Universiteit van Amsterdam) (e.a.)

15:20 - 15:30 hour

Radice: Data-driven Risk Analysis of Sustainable Cloud Infrastructure using Simulation}

Fabian Mastenbroek (TU Delft) (e.a.)

Thursday 7 April
14:30 - 14:40 hour

Lightning: Scaling the GPU Programming Model Beyond a Single GPU

Stijn Heldens (Netherlands eScience Center) (e.a.)

Thursday 7 April
14:40 - 14:50 hour

Tiny Autoscalers for Tiny Workloads: Dynamic CPU Allocation for Serverless Functions

Yuxuan Zhao (Universiteit Leiden) (e.a.)

Thursday 7 April
14:50 - 15:00 hour

OpenCSD: Unified Architecture for eBPF-powered Computational Storage Devices (CSD) with Filesystem Support

Corne Lukken (Vrije Universiteit) (e.a.)

Thursday 7 April
15:00 - 15:10 hour


Analytical performance modeling for complex scientific applications

Jelle van Dijk (Universiteit van Amsterdam) (e.a.)

User association schemes in 5G mmWave networks with beamforming

Lotte Weedage (Universiteit Twente)

Increasing traffic control in multi-domain networks using Path Computation Elements

Leonardo Boldrini (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Better Never Than Late: Timely Edge Video Analytics Over the Air

Vinod Nigade (Vrije Universiteit) (e.a.)

Isolating GPU Architectural Features Using Parallelism-Aware Microbenchmarks

Rico van Stigt (Universiteit van Amsterdam) (e.a.)

ParClick: A Scalable Algorithm for EM-based Click Models

Ilya Markov (Independent Researcher) (e.a.)

Bento File System and the Art of Repeated Research

Peter-Jan Gootzen (Vrije Universiteit) (e.a.)

SLICES-RI: Future Platform for Digital Technologies Experimentation

Yuri Demchenko (Universiteit van Amsterdam) (e.a.)

Autoscaling for Cache Enabled Data Analytics

Sacheendra Talluri (Vrije Universiteit) (e.a.)

Optimizing Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Systems for Energy Efficiency

Syllas Magalhaes (Universiteit Twente) (e.a.)

EPI Framework: Approach for traffic redirection through containerised network functions

Jamila Alsayed Kassem (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

The SPEC-RG Reference Architecture for the Edge Continuum

Matthijs Jansen (Vrije Universiteit) (e.a.)

A GPU-Friendly Range Search Formulation of Seed Finding in High Energy Physics

Stephen Swatman (Universiteit van Amsterdam) (e.a.)

Preventing Regressions for Software Changes

Wytse Oortwijn (Embedded Systems Innovation by TNO) (e.a.)

Multi-domain Network Infrastructure based on P4 Programmable Devices for Digital Data Marketplaces

Lourens Veen (Netherlands eScience Center) (e.a.)

Improving Minecraft-like Service Scalability through Serverless Computing

Jesse Donkervliet (Vrije Universiteit) (e.a.)

EdgeBOL: Automating Energy-savings for Mobile Edge AI

Jose Romero Ayala (Huawei Research Ireland) (e.a.)

LogoMotive: detecting logos on websites to identify online scams

Thijs van den Hout (SIDN) (e.a.)

Bayesian Optimization for auto-tuning GPU kernels

Floris-Jan Willemsen (Netherlands eScience Center) (e.a.)

FB-AI-Trim: Speeding-up Strongly Connected Components Calculation using AI

Ana-Lucia Varbanescu (Universiteit Twente)

Thursday 7 April
14:30 - 15:30 hour

Demo stands

Knowledge sharing and discovery across heterogeneous research infrastructures

Siamak Farshidi (Universiteit van Amsterdam) (e.a.)

GradeML: Collecting and Querying of Performance Data on Machine Learning Workflows

Alexandru Iosup (Vrije Universiteit) (e.a.)

Enhancing internet transparency with path tracing

Caspar Schutijser (SIDN) (e.a.)

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