NWO ICT.OPEN2023 hosts the following tracks:

(Beyond) 6G: enabling a sovereign and sustainable digital society
Chair: Lucia D’Acunto
Co-track chair: 
Chrysa Papagianni
Co-track chair: Fernando Kuipers
Co-track chair: Suzan Bayhan

Building a responsible Metaverse
Chair: Sylvie Dijkstra-Soudarissanane
Co-track chair: Mariëtte van Huijstee
Co-track chair: Irene Viola
Co-track chair: Mirjam Vosmeer

CHI NL – Human Factors in Computing Systems
Chair: Alessandro Bozzon
Co-track chair: Pablo Cesar

Cyber Security 
Chair: Kate Labunets

Policy design and operationalization for data and AI governance
Chair: Giovanni Sileno

Digital Enablers of the Computing Continuum Systems
Chair: Nishant Saurabh

Digital Transformation Technology and Health Informatics
Chairs: Margreet Schurer en Rix Groenboom

Developer velocity and AI at the heart of modern development teams
Chair: Casper van Schothorst

Guarantees for AI
Chair: Leo van Iersel

Learning communities and digital innovation eco-systems
Chair: Johan Versendaal

Quantum Internet/Quantum Classical Systems Integration
Chair: Wojciech Kozlowski

Responsible Applied AI
Chair: Maaike Harbers

Software Ecosystems and Engineering
Chair: Siamak Farshidi