ICT Open 2022

Smart Cities, Health and AI  

The concept of smart cities has emerged as a possible direction to address problems stemming from sustainability-oriented ones to efficiency ones. Sustainability problems are related to social values (e.g., citizen well-being, quality of life), economic vitality and diversity, and environment conservation (e.g., flora, fauna, and natural resources). Efficiency-oriented problems are related to efficient management of urban processes like transportation, education, and administration. Like smart cities, the use of information and communication technology in health(care) is assumed to alleviate the burden on the healthcare system. AI can amplify the potential of ICT in both domains and increase the quality and efficiency of (public) services. However, AI may impact also individuals’ life experience.  In this track, we focus on the design, implementation, and evaluation of AI based smart city and/or society applications, and AI applications for health(care). 

Sunil Choenni - Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
Johan  van Soest - Maastricht University

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