ICT Open 2022

Robust & Interactive Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the major area of innovation in the digital revolution. AI is changing the way we live and work and has great potential for society’s grand challenges, e.g. in healthcare and well-being or digital twin development in robotics and industry. At the same time, developing interactive AI in a robust and reliable way is challenging and needs a combined effort from different research disciplines.

In recent years, Dutch applied mathematicians and computer scientists developed exciting results around deep reinforcement learning, online convex optimization, online statistical learning, and uncertainty quantification for deep learning based on techniques from numerics, optimal control, optimization, and statistics. Mathematical results in such interactive AI methods often provide valuable guarantees towards robustness and explainability towards increased reliability, especially in challenging cases like adversarial attacks or unseen environments.

This track aims to provide an open forum for connecting Dutch research by computer scientists and applied mathematicians on this exciting theme and showcase the Dutch NWO AIM (AI and Mathematics) initiative. The focal point of the track and poster session is the presentation of the work of young researchers. Preference will be given to abstracts by postdocs and PhD candidates.

Chair: Dutch NWO AIM Initiative

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