ICT Open 2022

Responsible AI track

Artificial Intelligence is advancing at a rapid pace, and an increasing number of AI applications pervades our daily lives and social structures in important domains such as medicine, education, engineering, surveillance, transportation, media and law. While AI is expected to yield significant positive impacts in knowledge, efficiency and productivity, we risk profound social, ethical and economic consequences if AI is not employed responsibly.

This track focuses on the analysis, design, development, use and evaluation of responsible artificial systems, as well as tools to determine when and how artificial systems should act responsibly. The list of topics includes: fairness, transparency and explainability of AI systems; ethical and legal guidelines for AI; and the use of AI ‘for good’ (e.g. to increase diversity or counter human biases). We aim to provide an environment to foster interaction among researchers from different disciplines, who focus on different aspects of Responsible AI.


Floris Bex - Utrecht University and Tilburg University
Aybüke Özgün – University of Amsterdam

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