ICT Open 2022

Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering

Neuromorphic computing and engineering have recently received considerable attention as paradigms for brain-inspired Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. These disciplines deliver promising technological solutions for implementing efficient sensory, learning, and processing systems, as well as autonomous agents able to operate in real-world conditions.

The research on neuromorphic systems, originally based on CMOS technology, has gained momentum towards new horizons thanks to the emergence of novel devices and materials for brain-inspired computing (e.g. in-memory computing). These new developments face unusual challenges of creating new models of computations, tools, and architectures that can best exploit the sophistication and complexity of the inhomogeneous, low-power, dense, and parallel elements. 

The most important research actors in the Netherlands, both at the academic and industrial level, are becoming increasingly active on these topics. This track aims to provide an opportunity for Dutch researchers working in these fields to discuss, network, and broaden the impact of their research. 

Elisabetta Chicca - University of Groningen
Federico Corradi - IMEC

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