ICT Open 2022

Future Computer and Network Systems

Computer systems and networks (CompSys) are the backbone of the digital infrastructure and, thus, are essential for all critical economic sectors and societal aspects of the Netherlands. Every bit of stored data and every computational task rely on a computer system to run on and, increasingly, on a network to reach it.

In this track, we take a holistic perspective to and welcome contributions on the grand societal andtechnological challenges that emerge in CompSys, in particular:

  1. Manageability: How to tame the ever-growing complexity, and related human error?
  2. Responsibility: How to realize responsible computer infrastructure whose operation we can rely on (from privacy, ethical, security, performance, availability, and durability perspectives)?
  3. Sustainability: How to reduce and make the most from the energy footprint of (increasing levels of computing?
  4. Usability: How to work, within the context of Europe’s digitalization ambitions, with the critical sectors for the Dutch society, such as industry, healthcare, and governance, to make computer systems usable and accessible by all?

ChairsPaola Grosso - University of Amsterdam
Alexandru Isoup - VU Amsterdam
Fernando Kuipers - Delft University of Technology
Ana Lucia Varbanescu - University of Amsterdam

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