ICT Open 2022

Cybersecurity & Blockchain

Security is an important consideration during the development and deployment of software and hardware, as is privacy once user data is involved. Key examples include intrusion detection as well as more recent examples such as providing machine learning algorithms that are resilient to maliciously formed inputs and inference attacks. In the context of increasing security and privacy, decentralization, e.g., in the form of blockchain, has played a key role in recent years as it reduces the power of central infrastructures.

In this track, we discuss key challenges and solutions for cybersecurity and blockchain. Topics include but are not limited to: applied cryptography, network security, anonymous communication, censorship resistance, decentralized applications, Byzantine fault tolerance, blockchain scalability, secure and privacy-preserving machine learning, legal and ethical aspects of cybersecurity, privacy, and blockchain, performance and measurement studies.  

Stefanie Roos - Delft University of Technology
Katharina Kohls - Radboud University Nijmegen

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