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ICT Open 2022

Meet the demo award

During the demo sessions 14 ICT-researchers will present new developments in the field of ICT research. The demo stands show what is possible within the field of ICT research and bring people in contact with talented researchers. The prize is awarded for the demo that is well-explained and has the best market potential, as demonstrated by the combination of the innovativeness of the concept and entrepreneurial attitude recognized in the project

The Meet the demo award consists of an amount of € 350 to be spent at liberty by the winner.

Prof. Paul Groth (UvA)
Dr. Olga Gadyatskaya (LEI)
Aldert de Jongste (Commit2Data)

Poster prizes

There are 8 tracks/themes within the programme that are eligible for the poster prize, namely: Cybersecurity and Blockchain, Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering, Future Computer and Network Systems, Responsible AI, Graduate Schools (ASCI, IPA & SIKS), Robust and Interactive AI, VERSEN, and Smart Cities, Health and AI. For each track, the track committee nominated a number of posters, and these nominated posters will be judged on the research significance, the poster design, and the clarity of the presentation by the poster jury during ICT.OPEN2022

The following prizes will be awarded and can be spent at liberty by the winner:

€350,-  1st Prize Poster Award
€200,-  2nd Prize Poster Award
€100,-  3rd Prize Poster Award

Dr. Erik Poll (RUN)
Dr. Viktoriya Degeler (RUG)
Dr. Patrick Aerts (eScience Center)

Award ceremony

The ICT.OPEN Poster/Meet the demo prizes will be awarded on Tuesday 7 April 2022 at the end of the conference day on the exhibition floor. If the nominated winner is not present during the ceremony, the prize will be awarded to the runner-up.

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