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ICT Open 2022

Our sponsors

This year, ICT.OPEN is sponsored by the companies listed below. Visit their pages for more detailed information.



Through helping other organizations mitigate risks and grasp opportunities, we can drive positive, sustainable change for clients, our people and society at large.

KPMG firms operate in 145 countries and territories, and in FY21, collectively employed more than 236,000 people, serving the needs of business, governments, public-sector agencies, not-for-profits and through KPMG firms' audit and assurance practices, the capital markets. KPMG is committed to quality and service excellence in all that we do, bringing our best to clients and earning the public's trust through our actions and behaviors both professionally and personally.

More information: https://home.kpmg/xx/en/home.html





The research center 4TU.NIRICT is the Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT and comprises all ICT research of the universities of technology in the Netherlands. ICT is a very broad field in which 4TU.NIRICT focuses on the interface between Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
To fully realize the potential of ICT to the benefit of society and industry, it is important to bring EE and CS researchers together. That’s why NIRICT actively stimulates the interaction between, and cooperation of, researchers, educators and practitioners in the areas of EE and CS, as well as contact with other disciplines.

NIRICT also strives to create a unified ICT community that can contribute to the social challenges we face as a Dutch society. Besides this, NIRICT also recognizes and values the role of young scientists in our institutions.

More information: https://www.4tu.nl/nirict/



Big Data continues to play a larger role in the innovation of services, products, working processes and earnings models. Thanks to the smart collection and use of data the Dutch economic growth is strengthened. To further develop the use of Big Data, Commit2Data was created: a multi-year national research and innovation program on the basis of a public-private partnership (PPP).

Commit2Data offers an excellent opportunity to explore new business models and opportunities. The growing international program focuses on specific application areas, such as Smart Industry, energy issues, challenges in health care and logistics, that uses three primary program lines: research, valorisation and dissemination.

More information: https://commit2data.nl/en/about-us




eScience Center

The Netherlands eScience Center is the national centre for innovative software solutions in academic research. We create the tools and digital methodologies that enable researchers across all disciplines to answer research questions, harnessing our unique blend of academic expertise and software development skills. We attach great importance to software quality and sustainability, and academic recognition of research software.  We share our software development skills by training researchers.

More information: https://www.esciencecenter.nl/




SURF is a cooperative association of Dutch educational and research institutions in which the members combine their strengths. Within SURF, we work together to acquire or develop the best possible digital services, and to encourage knowledge sharing through continuous innovation. The members are the owners of SURF.

More information: https://www.surf.nl/en/about-surf

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