Big Data / Data Sharing

This track looks at the convergence between data management and data sharing. What are new technologies and research directions in data management that enable data sharing? How is data sharing driving the development of data management technologies?  Topics include: responsible data sharing, FAIR data, data management for data analytics, data markets and platforms, data integration.

Track chairs:
Nanda Piersma (HvA)
Paul Groth (UvA)

Track committee:
Paola Grosso - UvA
Hannes Mühleisen - CWI, UvA
Yannis Velegrakis - UU
Thomas van Binsbergen - UvA
Luiz Bonino - GO FAIR

Track programme

  Wednesday 10 February

10.40 - 11.55

Advances in databases

Benno Kruit - Extracting N-ary Facts from Wikipedia Table Clusters

Giulia Frascaria - Filter-Reduce: In-Kernel Data Processing with eBPF

Bert Vegter - New possibilities in data analysis using formulas stored in database fields

Emiel Caron - An Optimization Method for Entity Resolution in Databases

14.00 - 14.45

Infrastructures and Big Data

Invited speaker Hans van den Berg - 5G and Beyond
- abstract and bio below -

Onno Valkering - Brane – Programmable Orchestration of Applications and Networking

  Thursday 11 February

10.40 - 11.55

Data sharing

Invited speaker Hylke Koers - Prototyping trust
- abstract and bio below -

Paulina Pankowska - Participant recruitment platform for Dutch SSH research

Maarten Kollenstart - Towards a User centric, federated and interoperable network model for data sovereignty, trust and security

Jamila Ms Alsayed Kassem - Dynamic infrastructures to secure data-sharing across healthcare domains

14.00 - 14.45

Interacting with Data

Marcos Pieras - ComVisSail: Comparative sailing performance visualization for coachin

Ghazaleh Tanhaei - Exploring Neuroscience Literature in an AR/VR Environment

Daphne Miedema - Visual Query Representations for Supporting SQL Learners

Invited Speakers

Bio Hans van den Berg
Prof. dr. Hans van den Berg has more than 30 years of experience in ICT research and innovation. His main contributions are in the field of design and performance optimization of communication networks and services. He has been active in many national and European research projects and was co-founder and vice-chair of the recently finished EU COST Action “Autonomous Control for a Reliable Internet of Services” (COST ACROSS). In 2017 he received ITC's Arne Jensen Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions in the field. Hans van den Berg started his professional career at the research labs of the Dutch telecom operator KPN in 1990. Since July 2003, he is senior scientist at TNO and holds a part-time position as full professor within the research group Design and Analysis of Communication Systems at the University of Twente. From 2016 to 2019 he was also affiliated with the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) in Amsterdam.

Abstract: 5G and Beyond

Emerging 5G mobile network technology is widely recognized as key technology for realizing massive IoT and achieving fundamental transitions in major economic sectors. The high potential of 5G is not only due to the ambitious design objectives regarding e.g. network capacity, transmission speeds and latency. Even more important for 5G’s innovative strength are the introduction of new communication paradigms, the integration of mobile networking and cloud computing (Multi-access Edge Computing - MEC) as well as the definition of open interfaces enabling cross-utilization of network and application data. These 5G features will provide great opportunities for new players in the ICT ecosystem and boost the development of new, advanced mobile applications. In the presentation we will first briefly review the 5G design objectives and technology innovations. Next, challenges regarding network management and operations are discussed that need to be solved in order to realize the full potential of 5G and enable widespread deployment. In particular, we elaborate on the need for AI to deal with the enormous complexity of 5G network management. Finally an outlook to 6G is given. What is 6G and what will it bring beyond 5G?


Bio Hylke Koers
Dr. Hylke Koers heads up the SURF Data Management Services group, which develops and operates services to help research institutes manage their research data in a robust, safe, easy and cost-effective way. Hylke joined SURF in 2018, prior to which he was a Product Director at Elsevier, working on innovations to the scholarly article such as interactive plots and the Virtual Microscope. He co-founded the ICSU-WDS/RDA Working Group that created the Scholix framework, an emerging industry standard for linking research data and  literature. He currently leads FAIRsFAIR task 2.4 on ‘FAIRness’ of data services & software and contributes to the EOSC architecture WG. Hylke holds a PhD in theoretical astrophysics from the University of Amsterdam.


Abstract: Prototyping trust

Data sharing among parties creates major economic, social and scientific opportunities. At the same time, data sharing must be done in an absolutely responsible manner - with respect for the rights and legitimate interests of all parties involved, for example in the areas of privacy, autonomy and confidential company information. When parties with a common benefit are enabled to jointly create value out of separately held data assets (including both data sets and algorithms), strictly defined and enforced policies that respect the interests of all parties involved and measures to ensure data sovereignty of data owners or data providers should therefore be followed. An interesting question is what data sovereignty and trust actually means in practice. How can a data provider keep full control at all times over who uses the data and for what purpose? In this talk we discuss these questions and present an operational prototype of the SURF Data Exchange, an environment that enables data providers to make their data available for research purposes while remaining in control of not only who accesses the data, but also what is done with it.

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