Themes ICT.OPEN2017

The two days of ICT.OPEN will cover these different themes: - Cyber Security - Data Science - Health - Machine Learning

Cyber Security

Cyber Security in the Netherlands is an important focal area that provides security, safety and privacy solutions for other fields that are vital for our economy including but not limited to critical infrastructures, smart cities, cloud computing, online services and e-government. With many actors from governmental organisations, knowledge institutions and industry, the Dutch Cyber Security community is growing rapidly in several directions. As a result, a separate theme is dedicated to Cyber Security during the ICT.OPEN 2017, where progress in research and development will be demonstrated. Furthermore, with the support of dcypher and 4TU.NIRICT, we are going to present the best research paper and master thesis awards to the next generation of Cyber Security.


The invited speakers of the theme Cyber Security are Bart Jacobs and Maria Dubovitskaya and they will give a presentation on Tuesday March 21. 


Data Science

Data Science is the collection and analysis of so-called ‘Big Data’ according to academic methodology. Large-scale data collection, analysis and explotation has rapidly become popular and affordable, thanks to cloud computing but also thanks to the introduction of software frameworks such as Spark that ease large-scale computation and even machine learning. Innovation in Data Science is driven by multi-disciplinary research in the areas of data management, data mining, data visualization and statistics.


Data Science is one of the themes of ICT.OPEN 2017, and we seek specifically submissions from these fields. There is a lot of Data Science related research being performed in The Netherlands by PhD students in the ICT research schools such as SIKS, IPA and ASCI.


The Data Science theme at ICT.OPEN 2017 is coordinated by Data Science Platform Netherlands (DSPN - DSPN unites all Dutch academic research institutions where Data Science is carried out from an ICT perspective, specifically the computer science or applied mathematics perspectives.


The invited speaker of the theme Data Science is Reynold Xin and he will give a presentation on Wednesday March 22. 



ICT.OPEN 2017 features a Health track in which we welcome submissions related to ICT research for Health, including ICT research in the life sciences, and the development and application of innovative ICT solutions in biomedical research and clinical practice. Topics include medical text mining, medical signal processing, medical image analysis, medical electrons, implant, sensors, in vivo/ in vitro, big data science in health, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence in health.


The invited speaker of the theme Health is Marleen de Bruijne and she will give a presentation on Wednesday March 22. 


Machine Learning

With the advent of big data and big computing, fascinating new algorithms have been developed that extract meaningful information. Many of those algorithms are referred to as "Machine Learning", ranging from statistical work on small datasets to deep learning on huge datasets. In the theme "Machine Learning" we will bring together research from the various topics, from statistics to neural networks, from computer vision to natural language processing and outlier detection and so on, in the broader field of Machine Learning.


The invited speaker of the theme Machine Learning is Bert Kappen and he will give a presentation on Tuesday March 21.