Speeddate Sessions

ICT.OPEN offers the possibility to speeddate with interesting companies and organisations! Do you want to discuss ideas, possibilities or research with interesting companies, then register for a Speeddate Sesion at ICT.OPEN2017.

In the registration form, you can indicate if you are interested in the speeddates. You can also register by sending an email to ICT.OPEN2017@nwo.nl.


You can fill in a questionnaire that will be used for the matchmaking. Please complete the form and return it to ICT.OPEN2017@nwo.nl. Based on the questionnaire, the participants will receive an email with speeddate suggestions.


Take the opportunity to talk with:

ASML: Ramon Schiffelers​

Dcypher - Jan-Piet Barthel

Commit2Data: Boudewijn Haverkort

IBM: Zoltan Slzavik 

Schuberg Philis: Andrew Repton

TMC: Bram Theelen





Speeddates ICT.OPEN2016: