Conference proceedings

ISBN/EAN 978-90-73461-932

Computing and Imaging (by ASCI)

Demchenko, Yuri et al.,University of Amsterdam

EDISON Project: Building Data Science Profession for European Research and Industry


Mirsoleimani, Sayyed Ali et al., Leiden University

An Efficient Computation Pattern for Parallel MCTS


Embedded Systems (by PROGRESS)

Gerlach, Lukas et al., IMS-Leibniz University Hannover

A Low Latency Multichannel Audio Interface for Low Power SIMD Digital Signal Processors


Integrated Systems and Circuits (by ProRISC)

Ormondt, Dirk van et al., Delft University of Technology

Non-exponential Temporal Decay of in vivo MRS Metabolite Signals at 11.7 Tesla


Papatsimpa, Chara et al., Eindhoven University of Technology

Performance of multihop CSMA unicast under intermittent interference


Ciocoveanu, Radu et al., Hamburg University of Technology

Design of a Rail-to-Rail Folded Cascode Amplifier with Transconductance Feedback Circuit


Semiconductor Advances for Future Electronics and Sensors (SAFE)

Liu, Xingyu et al., Delft University of Technology

Comparison of Selective Deposition Techiques for Fabricating p+n Ultrashallow Silicon Diodes


Villarreal, Diego Luján et al., Hamburg University of Technology  

Charge Density Study using Low Electrode Diameter in Epiretinal Prosthesis


The Human and the Machine (by SIKS)

Ceolin Davide, et al. VU University Amsterdam

QuPiD2 – Web Data Quality Assessment