Call for Abstracts

The call for abstracts is closed!

The ICT.OPEN2018 programme committee invites authors to submit an abstract within one of the following themes:


1) Systems Engineering​: Embedded Systems, System-of-Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, System Design and Verification, Large-Scale Systems Integration and Interoperability, Model-Based Systems Engineering, System Engineering Applications

2) Artificial Intelligence: deep learning, computer vision, cognitive systems, time-series prediction using neural networks, continuous machine learning, believable agents, learning to play games

3) Autonomous Systems: autonomous robotics, autonomous vehicles, networked autonomous systems, mechatronics, bio-robotics, modeling, modern control

4) Advanced School for Computing and Imaging (ASCI): advanced parallel, distributed, embedded and real-time computer systems, data visualization, virtual reality, image, video and multimedia analytics

5) Institute for Programming research and Algorithmics (IPA): cyber-physical systems, algorithmics of (big) data, software as data

6) School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS): the human role, continuous change, sustainable innovation, information, knowledge, data

7) VERSEN: Software Engineering: Software engineering research has its applications in many different industrial and academic domains: the VERSEN track is inclusive to all. The goal of the program is to provide a high variety of software research topics and methods. We solicit short presentations proposals (3 minutes, poster of demo pitch) on recent research results and abstracts for longer talk proposals on recent research projects (20 minutes, in-depth presentations on funded research projects). For more information on the expected presentation outline, please consult the versen website (

8) Health: Techniques and applications of ICT in healthcare, including health information systems, data analytics, medical imaging, visualization, clinical decision support, personalized medicine, sensors

9) Smart Industries: Additive manufacturing, Advanced manufacturing, Robotics and Mechatronics, High precision equipment, Condition-based (predictive) maintenance, Cyber-physical systems, Integrated life-cycle management, Human technology Interaction, Mass customization, Production management, Smart design and Engineering, New business models

10) IoT: Low Power Networks (e.g. LoRa, SigFox, NB-IoT), Wireless Networking in Harsh Environments (e.g. underground, underwater, in-body), Very-dense IoT, Distributed Network Management for Energy-Harvested IoT Devices, Participatory & Opportunistic Networks, Networked Smart Sensing Systems, Sensor Data Analytics, Deep Learning on IoT Devices, Indoor/Outdoor Localization & Tracking, IoT Platforms, Semantic Interoperability & IoT, Data-driven Design & IoT, Security, Privacy, Trust & IoT, Open Data & IoT, IoT applications (smart cities, crowd management, smart industry, health, logistics, home automation, agriculture and farming, predictive maintenance, etc)

11) Cyber Security: embedded systems security, software security, physical attacks, security applications: secure metering, car security, health applications, multimedia, cryptography, privacy enhancing technologies, blockchain, privacy by design, multi-party computation.

12) Commit2Data: all topics related to safe and secure data handling and analytics, as well as the application of big data technologies in sectors such as industry, healthcare, science, logistics, water, agri & food, construction. For submissions, it is not necessarily to have funding through the Commit2data program.


The call for abstracts is closed!


Each abstract will be evaluated by the programme committee. The outcome of the evaluation:

1. Poster presentation
Selection of applicants to submit and present a poster. You will be asked to provide a presentation on your poster during the poster session.
2. Research presentation
Selection of applicants to be invited as speaker to present their research and findings at the ICT.OPEN2018. Submission of abstract implies the intent of at least one author to register and attend the congress.

Please follow these instructions before submitting an abstract.


Guidelines submission

An abstract consists of max. 2 A4 pages and contains the following items:
1. Abstract title
2. Author listing (all authors, principal author first), postal address, telephone, e-mail address.
3. Key words, list a maximum of five key words.
4. Abstract text providing information about:
o Purpose
o Methods
o Results
o References
If you submit a recent publication, please indicate the submission details.

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Time Schedule

7 February 2018 – deadline submission abstract

22 February 2018 - notification of outcome evaluation abstracts

19 -20 March 2018 – ICT.OPEN2018 at De Flint Amersfoort


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