Business, Start-ups and Innovation

During the Business, Start-ups and Innovation session on day 1 several of our sponsors will talk about innovative applications they developed in collaboration with research organisations or other companies.


Andy Repton - Schuberg Philis

Andy Repton is a Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis, designing and running complex technological landscapes for several customers, focusing on innovation and cool stuff.


Title: Freeing researchers to work on what really matters, how our private cloud was used to speed up cancer genomics

A talk about how modern open source technology can be used to automate and speed up a cancer genomics pipeline. A previously manual process that utilised a large university supercomputer was replaced with a set of flexible, reproducible virtual supercomputers in the cloud. By automating everything from sequencer to delivery, bioinformaticians could return to research rather than running the pipeline. The talk will also touch on new and upcoming technologies that will help new research in regards to speed and cost.


Martin Tirion - Microsoft 

Martin Tirion is User Experience Evangelist at Microsoft. In that role he talks about the Microsoft platform and the Microsoft tools that can be used for building applications. He focuses in particular on client technologies, like the Universal Windows Platform and Xamarin. He also talks about AR/VR/MR solutions, like Hololens. And he also advises on implementing a great User Experience. Martin has over 25 years of experience in building applications on various platforms, with a strong passion for user experience.